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About Me

Tyler Bossetti is a serial entrepreneur and investor with a deep passion for personal development, financial education and generational wealth creation. He has dedicated himself to mastering the art of real estate, the new digital economy: blockchain, tokenization, cryptocurrency, mining, artificial intelligence, other technologies and overall financial literacy. 

He has been successful in building a nine figure investment portfolio and multiple thriving businesses – 0 Percent, Real 2 Digital and Horus & Ra Development. He also continues to share his knowledge and experiences through his book & podcast – All For Nothing.

Growing up in Mechanicsburg, Ohio, a town with a population of less than 2,000, Tyler Bossetti was determined to transcend his origins. Marked by financial instability during his childhood, he recognized the value of financial independence early on and used it as a driving force to pursue success. This realization was the spark that ignited his passion for financial success and set him on his path to becoming a successful entrepreneur and investor.

Tyler attended Wright State University and later transferred to Ohio State University, where he quickly adapted to the fast-paced, urban environment. Capitalizing on his confident and extroverted personality, he seized a networking opportunity to land a part-time position at a reputable mortgage company.

Through his hard work, creative mind, and innovative disposition, the company quickly recognized an incredible talent within Tyler, his unique perspective on the industry and his drive to excel. Just three months into his employment, they offered him a full-time position. Seeing the potential of the mortgage industry, Tyler accepted the offer and put his education on hold to fully immerse himself in this new and exciting career path.

Tyler’s experience working in the mortgage industry quickly opened his eyes to the financial opportunities that real estate investing offered. In 2016, he took action and made his first investment in a property: a duplex in Columbus, Ohio – where he continues to actively invest & develop today. However, life threw him a curve ball when the property unexpectedly burned down, causing a significant setback by losing everything. But instead of giving up, Tyler saw it as an opportunity to learn and grow and he channeled that experience and refocused his efforts on acquiring more real estate properties. Through his determination, perseverance, and a steady focus on his goals, Tyler eventually left the mortgage industry to pursue and grow his current ventures. Over the past decade, he has been involved in thousands of real estate transactions, built a 9-figure real estate portfolio and multiple thriving companies. 

Tyler’s interests in the financial & education industry extend far beyond real estate investing. Although he is on track to building a multi-billion dollar real estate portfolio and digital assets, he believes a growth oriented mindset is a requirement and the driving force of building recession proof wealth. 

With his vision and tenacity, Tyler continues to push boundaries, always seeking new opportunities to grow and expand his mind, body, spirit, businesses and investments. He sees himself leading a team of experts to achieve even greater financial heights, and continuing to provide valuable guidance to those who seek to build their own financial futures.

I believe most people live, work hard and die with nothing to show for it. I believe you have a choice in life – the choice of putting yourself in no-choice circumstances. Or, are you going to be like everyone else & do all of this for nothing?

“It’s already happened. Time just hasn’t caught up.”

–Tyler Bossetti